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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Neumann DMT - the mono Neumann cartridge...

More elusive than the stereo sister, the Neumann DST (...), here is a REALLY sought after cartridge...


This is the cartridge for a (mono lover) King!

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David Karmeli said...

Unfortunately this one like some other ones floating around are fakes! I recently had one these so called DMTs in my hands, cleverly made and disguised but there are clear tell tale signs like the 4 pins out when period monos had only two. Early Neumann cartridges didn’t have model numbers on the shell and even later never had serial numbers engraved on top of the shell like this one. Then there’s the feel and look of a new product vs a 60 year old cartridge, even one that the forger tried to make look old like the one in your pictures. My own research didn’t provide any mention of a Neumann DMT in any of their catalogs! Here’s a link to step by step instructions for making one of these fakes that anyone with some metal smithing skill can follow. That piece of brown plastic instead of Neumann plate is the other thing that the DMT faker missed and copied from here.