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Friday, September 20, 2013


Yesterday evening, after some heavy weeks, I - someway - was back on tracks with my simple, humble life... after daily job, gathering with friends, chatting, laughing... and sharing music we're not into...

My friend Franz paid a visit to yours truly and, as always, from his Eega Beeva's bag came out a couple disks: one was TNP - These New Puritans - Field of Reeds... another was Jasun Martz - The Pillory.

 Immagine in linea 2

Franz is a curious daredevil, never afraid or worried to face the weirdest soundscapes and most obscure artists... and he never fails a shot!

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He PERFECTLY knows my VERY tastes and, like few hours ago, his visit makes me spending some money to gladly purchase ALL the discs and disks listened only few hours before.

The same happened last night... after saying goodnight, I was hooked to Ebay, chasing for the a.m. records... I found the double vinyl of the first, brand new, gatefold and incl. digital download and a vintage copy of the latter, U.S. pressing and clear vinyl.

TNP's is reminding a pastoral version of Jagajazzist, mixed with Penguin Cafe Orchestra, (Talk Talks') Mark Hollis and Robert Wyatt... nice music and mood and a recording 2die4.

Jasun Martz's The Pillory... is an anarchist musical dream, a collective a' la Centipede, 20 improvisers 20, interwoving and interacting... music which beautifully clicks at some level, like the sun after a rain storm, beaming purest of pure.

Love these two discs... I push you to also enjoy.

Immagine in linea 1My reciprocating Franz's (great) sharing was unshelfing Tony Conrad & Faust "Outside Dream Syndicate" on Caroline and Witthuser & Westrupp "Trips und Traume" on Ohr...   felt proud of my choice as Franz never listened to them;-)

After these, our musical evening gloriously ended with Amon Duul "Paradieswart Duul" on Ohr and Amon Duul II "Wolf City" on United Artist...

 Immagine in linea 4

P.S. - as I told you, at about 1,30 A.M. - without ANY shame - I was already bidding for Martz and TNP's discs;-))) 


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