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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Piano piano piano

... so, life goes on.

Today, I spent some pleasant hours at flea market... looking for old furnitures, paintings, glass-ware, books?

Nope... vinyl!

I found three Tulip label DGG - all Geza Anda's Chopin's 24 Preludes and Sonatas - and a Bizet's Complete Piano Solo works by Setrak on Le Chant du Monde, a cool double-vinyl disc.

To my surprise, the merchant gave to me a dozen disks, as a gift... being a loyal customer, I thanked... they were all Hungaroton, Erato, Valois... and... WOW... also a Lyrinx' disk, always piano: Schumann's Papillons, Arabesque and more... by Catherine Collard... Rene Gambini as the recordist, of course.

Superb and a recording 2die4!

The Setrak's recording is also absolutely AWESOME... great George Kisselhoff masterfully engineered it at Salle Adyar (at Societe Theosophique de France) in Paris, in 1984... and the Steinway D grand piano is shining and dynamic and Setrak's playing is simply superb... Bizet's piano music I wasn't aware is also surprisingly good... it's very, very modern... reminds me of some Carla Bley's composed music on Watt label!

What a find... better: what a gift!

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