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Monday, June 24, 2013

Music & painting - "Vermeer & Music" - London's National Gallery celebrates it from next June 26th

Like for cinema and music, painting and music can be as boring a matching... if badly matched:-)

The Flemish masters like Gabriel Metsu, Jan Steen, Hendrick Ter Brugghen, Jan Molenaer, Gerrit Dou were all fond of music, as shown in their masterpieces... but only Johannes Vermeer, born in Delft on 1632, was "obsessed" enough to dedicate to the topic one third of his (vast) production.

From next June 26th, masterpieces like "The Music Lesson" and "A young woman standing at a virginal" will be shown:  on the latter, technical details from Antwerpen's Andreas Ruckers' instruments are shown, like in a pictures... the original Ruckers' muselaar (inverted left/right hand keyboard vs. virginal) are here dispayed for posterity... a detail which proved extremely useful for restorers.



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