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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jonathan Faralli performing John Cage's "Cartridge Music"

Thanking Jean Hiraga for hinting this very disk, a 24bit/96Khz AMAZING recording on Arts by Jonathan Faralli and Percussion XX group, recorded in Montevarchi, Florence (Italy) in Jonathan's workshop and percussions warehouse is an absolute masterpiece... well, it's not for everyone or music to be whistled under the shower;-)

Nonetheless, Cage really wrote in music notation every step, noise, thud and thump and zing, in a Futurism-like fashion...

Yesterday evening I had a VERY involving listening of this very music from the above mentioned disk and I get a mind-blowing - no jokes or hypes - aural experience.

Like Hiraga-san - only a couple weeks ago in Germany - was asking to our friend Klaus to finely tune the "right" volume setting to properly feel the shimmering cymbals super dynamic initial sound, I did the same and... kapooow!!!

... that sense of unlashed power, not music, actually, but raw sound, like a thunder or a waterfall mightyness...

Subterranean gongs... shaking the building and more... simply amazing.

I STRONGLY suggest - Luigi already did;-) - to grab this disk and enjoy this weird fruit of top notch, free artistic creativity.

... with a warning: again, it's NOT for everyone or every moment, folks... yet, it's - again - amazing music and a recording to par.

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