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Monday, April 9, 2012

Richard Osborn's raga guitar music

Richard Osborn studied and performed with acoustic guitar trailblazer Robbie Basho in the early 1970′s, then disappeared from public view. A severe injury to his left hand prevented him from playing the guitar for almost 20 years. He spent that time creatively as a painter. Discovering he had regained enough strength in his hand, he joyously returned to the guitar around 1995 and began to rebuild his technique and approach.
Rich re-emerged in 2010 with his cut on Tompkins Square’s “Beyond Berkeley Guitar”, a survey of current guitarists influenced by the great innovators John Fahey and Robbie Basho in the 1960’s. But alone among the youngsters on that album, Rich had actually studied and performed with Robbie Basho, before Basho’s untimely death in 1986. Now he is once again playing in the “free raga style”, bringing back this open, free-ranging style of improvisation to the acoustic guitar scene, and exploring the vast horizons it opens up.
Rich’s solo album debut, Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations is now available at CDBaby and other major outlets.

I got two copies... one for me and one for my pal, Daniele:-)))

Thanks, Rich... your gorgeous '15 De Lucia acoustic 6 strings and playing are truly a sincere and seldom heard musical voice.

I love it.

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