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Friday, April 25, 2008

Slate and audio

Few days ago I went to Liguria for shopping... no, no pesto, trofie and the like... BUT, slate!

This wonderful, natural, almost sexy material has some vibes taming properties which, I must admit with regret, I wasn't aware of...

I had a 60 x 60 x 8 cm slab custom made at a slate workshop and placed, with some troubles due to the 90 kilos weight, under the Garrard 301/Shindo with my bronze arm-base, Schick 12 inches arm and Lumiere DST cartridge.

Under the slab I placed my "RollingPods"... the 140 kilos total-weight monster is controlling sound and vibes... while granito or marble are "singing" materials, slate is self-dampening, giving to music a shiny, true-to-life patina... nonetheless, dynamics are GREATLY improved, the inter-notes silence is more "here", more important in music as it is at a concert...

1 comment:

be muzik said...

quando leggo 'ste cose, in inglese poi, mi terrorizza sempre l'idea di andarti a vendere il prossimo disco in vinile!!

:) ivan