Thursday, September 10, 2020

Erik Satie - Inities by Branka Parlić on Schopper's Triston Master Recordings tape masterdub!


Jürg Schopper is a volcano! 

After the recent, superb double record-set of Satie solo piano music, he decided that a stellar quality recording, fully analog, wasn’t enough... he choose to share with the audio community a 1:1 masterdub of original master-tape, at 15 IPS/CCIR.

I got it a few days ago and I remained speechless: a box with two bespoke metal reels and about 50 minutes music; the tape shows colored beginning and end tapes and pause is made as on master tape with transparent tape, as well.

The piano is recorded with intimacy and the tapes shine with authority and trueness vs. the already great vinyl disc, with added full body-ness and details.

Music-wise, the pianist plays the immortal Satie’s masterpieces reminding me to my reference - i.e. Reinhert de Leeuwe’s on Philips, so slow and dreamy and “distilled” playing... while I always blamed the technically pristine but someway “wrong” Aldo Ciccolini’s supersonic playing on EMI France.

All considered, this rare, limited edition on tape isn’t only a collector’s item but a statement of quality and care for details... a source of great enjoyment and a musical investment of highest class.

You’ll enjoy this tape for years to come, I bet you!

The (limited) production just began on a first come, first served basis, so if interested, contact Jürg at Schopper AG.

Enjoy 🥇

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