Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Darius Valiunas - cartridges builder and a new doctor for our beloved Neumann DST's cartridge maintenance

Darius Valiunas, a gentleman from Lithuania, owns the seldom found skill to properly maintain and service the idiosyncratic DST's design cartridges... and to build his very own interpretation, field-coil or not.

He built a Neumann DST replica and a field-coil version of DST design, as well... as Darius says: Air core Direct couple field coil mc cartridge sound is nearest to master tape.Exactly my VERY feeling since I discovered Lumiere DST and Neumann DST!

Again from Darius: Cactus spine with bonded aluminum tube with nude elliptical diamond.
We have tested both for sound/output and they are very similar. 

Cactus spine is much more rugged from mechanical point of view (I mean it's more accident proof, it don't break easy).

... and again:

Standart mc cartridges are wired on iron carcase,but that iron influences Eddy Current.That stops coil movement on big amplitudes,so we hear compressed sound.There is another type of  cartridges[air core ones]that have no problem with Eddy Current,but they have poor bass respond.Therefore the front coils make big movement amplitude,bass from these air core cartridges is good.Magnetic field from elecromagnet is very stable and it  creates good dynamics on bass respond.When you are listening to field coil cartridge,you never get tired of its sound.Music intonations are undistorted,and they are like from master tape.The shape of the coils and field are constructed in the way to keep linearity on worped,uncentered vynil.These cartridges will never be mass production,but it is always possible to make an order individualy.-- 

Very, very interesting... not direct feedback, BUT... as experience and instinct is something many among us have, just looking at the quality of workmanship is enough for yours truly.

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