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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Henry Flynt - You are my Everlovin'

Henry Flynt
You Are My Everlovin'

While Henry Flynt is widely know among fans of avant-garde music - the partial result of a series of reissues and archival releases which appeared around the outset of the millennium, he has never entirely received his due - cast as a secondary figure next to friends and peers like La Monte Young, Charlemagne Palestine, Tony Conrad, Dick Higgins, and George Maciunas. The recording which makes up You Are My Everlovin was made in 1981, and it encounters Flynt at his stunning best - rendering a wild, powerful, improvised raga inspired work for violin, pulling equally from his experiences studying with Pandit Pran Nath, as from indigenous rural American folk music. It represents a pure image of Minimalism as it was conceived - democratic, adventurous, contentious, and creatively brilliant, reforming the understanding of history across its 45 minute length. 

 A writhing bath in tone, elevating our vision of Flynt’s contribution, with its seminal importance, to towering heightsAs essential and welcome as reissues come, Superior Viaduct’s edition comes with Flynt’s own explanatory liner notes. Many thanks to the label for bringing it back. This one won’t sit around for long.  He planted the seed for so much of what finds itself within our reverent gaze today.

Grab it before it’s gone.

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