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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sabade Tapes from... somewhere?

Just found this...

We are an old recording studio and LP production factory in Italy and we have just started to clean up all our production tape archive (we have worldwide pop/rock/prog/jazz, etc. ; no classical).
All our tapes are ¼”.
This italian recording studio had official label's license to print LPs, CDs, MCs.

History of "production-tape masters": In the days of analog tape, when an artist is in post-production and mixes an album for release, it is mixed towards a final “master tape”.

It is this “master tape” that becomes the source for a domestic pressing (i.e. the label in the home country of the artist) and all pressings around the world. However, the story doesn’t end there. When a “master tape” is made, that was generally preserved by the record company.

From this master tape, a number of “safety masters” or “production masters” were produced. In some instances, it is this “safety master” that is sent to various record affiliates around the world.

We still don't have a list of this enormous archive (as it has been moved a few years ago and filed in a very chaotic order, unfortunately).

So the easiest way to order is to send us a list for example of 25-30 titles each time (album + artist), then we can look for in the archive and report you if they're available or not.

Tapes heaven or an hoax or a scam, maybe a fraud?

As I don't know them directly, yet - curiously - after some searches...

They briefly had a FB page
(or maybe it was for half an hour!!!)

Now disappeared... no surprise!

Such a pity the here below quoted disc was never, ever issued in Italy...

This is the site where some master-tapes pixies were taken from:

Also the warehouse tapes shelving were already published... about two years ago...


Thanking for the above infos and links a pro and friend of mine - who will remain anonymous for privacy reasons - whose memory is truly impressive.

Please be always careful, folks... wolves, out there, so beware!

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