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Friday, August 18, 2017


I’m still in jaw-dropped-mode since yesterday, pals…

You maybe read about the installing of the new copper/wood binding posts from South Korea…

Well, it’s all in a innocent liner note under a pix in the Namoo dedicated post – i.e. it’s so empty, component-wise and so full of music.

It’s not unheard truth: the more resistors/caps/chokes/wiring layout, the less transparency and detailing you’ll get… it’s not me, but several audio designers who found this to be utterly, almost painfully true!

It’s also not unheard that a clunky, badass amp prototype mounted on a shitty plywood slab plays MUCH better than the same circuit in an alu-box.

… but, anyhow: who would buy a thousands bucks amp in naked point-to-point-wiring exposed in its circuitry?

That’s possibly the difference between a die-hard DIYer and a salon-type audio buff… blinking LEDs and highly polished gears lovers sometimes don’t get as much music as some hillibilly systems give.

Back to my Partridge 300B monoblocks and the Namoo’s… maybe it's the few components used in the Partridges' amps which makes the Namoos' so effective!

My friend Francesco was kidding and wondering if I’d be going to appreciate any difference, let alone any improvement vs. the Hirshmanns’… the embarrassed yet sincere reply to his wondering is: yes, I not only appreciated a difference, but also an improvement.

In terms of resolution and inner-detailing, first… the sound at first notes was a little over-brilliant, after half-an-hour, things got better and smoothness was back, with untouched better resolution.

I used - for both pleasure and deep knowledge of the disk itself – “Angel Song” on ECM, a superb, SUPERB recording with stellar artists spreaded in soundstage… Bill Frisell and Lee Koonitz at left and center-left and Kenny Wheeler and Dave Holland at right and center-right.

To my surprise, I soooo appreciated Lee’s mouthwatering before holding the mouthpiece, also playing with the keys, tapping them on the alto sax before playing his part… also the Bill’s guitar tube-amp is slightly buzzing before his playing AND during his playing…

I also gave a spin to Paul Bley & Gary Peacock "Mindset" on Soul Note... on track 4 "E.D.P."  a thunderous double-bass solo, Mr. Peacock is puffing and humming and sweating on the instrument... what I didn't appreciate, yet, was the nose breathing while playing!


Everything is more evident and audible despite no RohS, TÜV or other certifications... or the humbleness of the Namoo.

Will have to dig more and more well-known recordings…

Thanking Francesco for support in installing the Namoo.

Very satisfied of these gizmos, indeed... blossoming better and better at every listen.

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