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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The springtime blogger's attitude

Friends, loyal and occasional readers of my humble, little Blog asked to me about my recent silence...

... writing, suggesting, sharing is a quite natural activity for yours truly: I write when I've something to say or hint... I write when I'm relaxed or when I'm really busy...

I don't write when I'm down or bluesy... or when I'm really happy...or when I've nothing to say!

Montruglio, yesterday...

When not working or writing, well... I live: enjoy springtime, listen to music randomly, almost sparingly, record live music at the local Conservatory of Music, read, gather with friends and family, go biking and motorbiking or walking at the park enjoying the trees blossoming... when I'm in the mood, I also play my guitar(s).

A boring life?

Maybe: sure a simple life... I'm such a quiet man.

An audiophile is just a man... and I enjoy my oblomovism a lot;-)

I wish you to enjoy life at your pace, as well.

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