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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Marantz 7C is back...

Having some fine pieces of gears handy can be fun... giving a chance from time to time to a seldom heard in months preamp which served me loyally and flawlessly for many, many years has a one-of-a-kind fascination.

I undusted the faceplate and connected the old trusty Marantz 7C to the Lenco G88 and to the Meridian disk-player, feeding the Partridge 300B mono-blocks and Cabasse Dinghy 221.

The sound surprised me... after several years using Thomas Mayer 4-chassis preamp and passive preamps, the old 7C is very, very quick, slightly lesser on detailing, but owning a special strength, a dynamic drive which brings the 300Bs' romantic behaviour to another level of zestness and trueness.

Like having several shoes pairs makes you always perfectly fit for countryside, ceremony, work, leisure, sport or hiking... well, you cannot but enjoy the different approaches and the several aesthetics you can obtain with minimal, in-house gears-changes.

A very, very nice listen, today... Joel Grare was chez moi;-)

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