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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Audio Lover

… the above definition sounds appropriate, in my opinion.

Yesterday evening I visited my pal Franco at his place, a spacious room packed with a nice audio system and literally dozens of acoustic and electric guitars, open reels and stage/studio electronic gears and effects for guitar.

An heaven.

Audio lover… you know translating into my native language it becomes not only “appassionato audio” but also “audio amante” o “amante audio”, as you prefer.

Do you wonder what I mean?

I mean: like with a lover, un’amante, meeting with audio/music friends represents one of the highlights of our passion; when I get a visit at my studietto, the best seat, the Eames’ lounge chair and ottoman are my host’s, I seat off-axis, happy if my pal enjoys.

I struck myself to choose the best, seldom heard discs… the most obscure discs, the sought after promo copy or original open reel pre-recorded tape or master-dub.

Same happened at Franco’s place: he digged his shelves and truly cool gems surfaced and got spinned and enjoyed.

Like with a “lover”, literally un’amante, when meeting, only the best is offered: charm, empathy, elegance, smart chatting, sweetness, good sex… that’s the joy of a pleasant, happy relationship.

No, not sex among audio lovers, yet only the best hosting and empathy, as choosing the right music makes an evening a special one or an average, so-so one.

… to some extent: what’s friendship if not sex-less love?

Let’s cherish our audio (lovers) pals;-) 

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