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Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Master-Tapes Exchange Club

... new-born FB group...

Let's spin our machines...

Reel to reel is too good to do not share!

Vinylmania: When Life Runs at 33 Revolutions Per Minute

Worth... much worth view!

Very intriguing... bravo to Paolo Campana, the movie/documentary director.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Finished the new Gotorama layout... 

... back to basic: reel-to-reel, turntable, preamp, MC transformer, crossover, amp...

I guess I today moved about 500 kilos worth of gears...

The system looks a little grunge, primitive... lesser?

... but sound is not ...  it's just... WOW!

Po' my back;-)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Twogoodears' Tenth Anniversary T-shirt


Just press Blog's "Donate" button and charge for EUR 55... incl. shipping worldwide.

It's a (very) limited-edition, one-off, folks... only 10 (ten) of these 100% cotton T-shirts will be made, for the 10 years anniversary of twogoodears Blog - i.e. July 2007/2017.

First come, first served...

P.S. - please give me your address and specify size and if you wish the Japanese "twogoodears" - i.e.  トゥーグッドイアーズ  or the English "twogoodears",  (as per above pictures).

P.P.S. - three left... so, hurry up;-)

P.P.P.S - aehm... two...

P.P.P.P.S.  - gone, as I reached the ten;-)

... thanks, folks...

From Abbey Road Studios shop - The Beatles' Yesterday score...

... as orchestrated by Sir George Martin...

Iconic, as on this song, Sir Martin began orchestrating the Fab Fours... 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

New layout - work in progress...

Work in progress and mumble-mumble mode in my studietto, thanking the lesson I had from listening to the smaller system... its weakness is its strength!

Currently playing with Nuforce MCA-20 Stealth Class D 8-channels amp and Silver Rock passive preamp with Gotorama... and looking forward to give a try to Thomas Mayer's full combo, again vs. Le Solstice J-Fet preamp.

Promising new layout, looking-forward to improved inter-notes silence... for now, I enjoy the difference vs. the Hiraga Le Classe A 30Ws' four amps, while they'll be under surgery for new, improved diode-rectifier bridges, as per Jean Hiraga's advice and suggestion.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Don Garber 1935 - 2017

R.I.P. for a master of taste... Mr. Garber of Fi fame passed away in Brooklyn on Sunday, June 4th,

Condolences to his family and friends...

His Bobness' Chips

What would a bag of Bob Dylan-themed potato chips taste like?

The question isn’t necessarily an appetizing one, but it did feed our imaginations yesterday when it was (woefully) misreported that a Chinese company, purported to be selling such a snack, was in fact selling nothing of the kind.

Does the packaging look like potato chip bags?

Yes. But is the packaging potato chip bags? Well, yes.

As company’s website rhetorically ponders, “What is the most popular thing?”, before revealing, “We chose the ‘potato chips.'” Can’t argue with that. And thus, books of Chinese translations of Bob Dylan lyrics are currently being sold in potato chip bags in China.

The lyrics are apparently pulled from the comprehensive tome, Bob Dylan: The Lyrics (1961–2012), the Chinese publisher invited 15 of China’s most esteemed poets and musicians to assist in translating the text. The lyrics are divided among eight separate pock-sized books that come packaged in their own specific chip bag.

But, according to the website, you also have the option of purchasing the entire collection of books, which come collectively packaged in a miniature, ’60s-style retro suitcase. It isn’t clear whether the suitcase comes filled with eight chip bags, but I admit I love the idea of carrying around a snazzy suitcase filled with kids’ snacks.

While it isn’t exactly widely known, Bob Dylan enjoys a sizable fanbase in the People’s Republic of China. This is more than a little ironic, considering Dylan’s stature as a protest figure and the Republic’s entrenched conformism and penchant for censorship.

Dylan first played Beijing in 2011, drawing criticism stateside, accusing the veteran antagonist of self-censoring his set—claims that he refuted in an open letter.

In other Dylan-related news, it was reported earlier this week that the legendary folk bard has finally delivered his Nobel Prize acceptance lecture. The mind churns in wonder of what sort of scrumptious packaging the transcript of the address could be sold in.

Also, a special hat-tip to the creative geniuses at FLOOD for their exquisite list of fictional Bob Dlyan potato chip flavors. Highlights include “Tangled Up in Bleu Cheese” and “It Ain’t Grease Babe.” Do enjoy.

In the meantime, if you have a specific craving for musician-sanctioned treats, there’s always rap snacks.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Someone among my loyal readers maybe noticed a sort-of embarrassment and shy silence re. my recent Japanese trip...

Sincerely also the random readers shared this feeling - randomly, of course;-) - with yours truly...

"Why... WHY? do you not write about the several aural experiences you had in Japan?"

I invite you all to wear my shoes for a while: just imagine...

The trip was marvellous, the people I met was awesome, I found sought after records, played incredibly rare guitars, listened to the most precious Western Electric speakers on Earth, shared laughs and thoughts and chats, travelled from Sapporo to Fukuoka and some points in-between, got empathy and friendship, esteem given and received, was hosted and enjoyed great moments with great people...

So what?

Why this embearassment, you'll say?

I'm naked, pals!

I MUST... M U S T,  as asked by my honesty, report in my diary my truest feeling without offending, hurting my Japanese friends and hosts.

Easy task?

Naaaaaaah!!! Just don't be jealous about my journey!

It's a nightmare, actually... let me try to explain...

Did you notice I didn't quoted music, yet?

Are you after this elusive element so important for - sure mine - our lives?

Well, hell.. YES! I'm pretty sure.

... as are my Japanese pals, the proud owners of these extremely expensive, hyper-rare, unobtanium pieces of audio art.

Western Electric and Kanno's Western Electric replicas are among the MOST sought-after gears on the planet and people got a sort-of mythical-fellowship... you know: the kind of Ferrari 250 GTO or Isotta Fraschini or BMW Rennesport thing, you know...

The rarest the best, isn't it?

So what?

Western Electric horns and drivers are so rare, veritable audio four leaf clovers...

Who really listened to WE 15A, 16, 13 horns and WE 555 field coils and Tungars?


At Silbatone's shrine in Munchen's M.O.C., maybe... or... sure not at your local Radio Shack or Yodobashi;-)

... music?

... sough-after gears?

... music?

Sincerely, folks: I'm and always have been after music, not gears... I consider them electronic electrical appliances... at least if/when they're idolized, per se...

This happens, ooooh, how it happens... and I'm also guilty for sometimes idolizing... you bet it? Goto speakers, for example...

What I'm badly trying to say?

When I meet friends at my place, my humble, tiny studietto, I try to give my hosts the best music I can...

I search in my personal,  inner music data-base for seldom heard music, adapting my choices to my hosts...

... I'm very, very, very seldom playing Diana Krall or Take Five or other audiophile tricky tracks!

I like to explore and give to my friends the best I can, music-wise.

TdP, I wrote...

Tim de Paravicini, yes...

I consider Tim a one-of-a-kind, eccentric, witty, truly unique individual... a love-or-hate-him-kind of guy for someone, not me... but, he knows!

During the recent Japan Triode Meeting, while other people were exhibiting and showing expensive audio electrical appliances of sort, Tim was humbly playing music! I mean music he mastered, cutting the lacquer, injecting the right dynamics and headroom... an art.

Am I nut?


I'm the Audio Anarchist, I'm baaaad and I'm baaaack;-)))

          The Audio Anarchist with Jean Hiraga

Tim was showing and playing his own electronics with a pair of (italian-made) Diapason Astera bookshelf speakers, so... sure NOT the kind of elusive gears played at other meeting venues...

... blah, blah, blahhhh...

What a lesson, folks...

A for free, invaluable lesson.

... while many of other participants were mouth-watering at those hyper-hyped Western Electric speakers and bespoke amps and crossovers and PSUs, not many were hooked at Tim's room where he was officiating a mass to the Gods of Music...

These Gods are someway... spiteful - i.e. they hide and seek, unrespectful of magazine, webzines, gurus and money...

... they show themselves up whenever and wherever they wish... here and there, randomly, yet always, ALWAYS true to themselves!

I was sooooooo impressed at Tim's room at the temple, in Ukiha, Fukuoka-ken, Japan!

I got a satori... an illumination!

Tim played his ace, the trick of his very trade: music!

He began with a Procol Harum remastering test-disc, then he played Dire Straits, Buddy Holly and... BANG!

He put his very best foot forward, indeed...

A '60s Frank Sinatra's superb mastering he did for an aborted project...

... and what I heard, ohhh my!

What I heard!!!

Subtleties, music, class, details, surprise, joy, good feeling... hey, is it not what I'm after?

I sincerely don't give a fuck to hyper-expensive gears!

I want emotion a-plenty!


I feel so hugely better: I had some days to look inside me to settle my doubts and express them.

Tim knows, do you remember?

He got straight to the core of the thing: he played the immaterial truth I was looking for... I was joined in this very illumination by my pals Glenn, David and Rafal... I'm pretty sure this moment was something for us all!

... look at our smiles: isn't it happiness? I bet it!

Tim the Maven Baron so easily "hypnotised" us all with his craft and was a winner!

Too bad if only a bunch of us were able to experience this blast... ohhh, it was!

He simply played out the hell from these grooves... while others were after the WE physical gears-idols.

Music, d'ya remember?

... not audio electrical appliances.

I'm a believer, folks...

Thanks, Tim.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The audio anarchist

... strange shot in company of Kanno-san and Jean Hiraga sensei-san...

I look Frencher than Frenches... sort-of  '68 anarchist;-)

The Audio Anarchist?

Friday, May 26, 2017

Utsuwaryori Sano - 125-2 Narahara - Asakura - Fukuoka-ken

Such an experience: I went at this countryside, one-Michelin-star restaurant with some friends, during my recent Japanese journey...

I enjoyed the few hours I spent at this place immensely, enjoying both food, so light, tasteful and elegant and the conversation.

Only hope I'll be able to return in the near future with my wife... how she would have enjoy the overall atmosphere and food.

Thanking Tim, Oliva, David and Glenn for being part of such a perfect day... and to the chef for the above edible beauty.

Domo arigato gozaimashita.