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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Disk of the Day - Gomez - Bring it On (1998), featuring Fidelity Research AS 1

What a disk, pals... Nirvana, Beatles, Beach Boys, Moby Grape... USA & UK, fuzz, acoustic and gut strings guitars... choirs à la Fab Four and a deep, gravel/smooth lead voice à la Ben Harper... without forgetting a recording truly 2die4!

I undusted the mighty gizmo from a shelf in my studio: the Fidelity Research AS-1 passive-preamp shines in truly seldom heard way... the smaller system sounds wonderful, indeed.

The AS-1, so unforgiving and sharp as a razor, is a world class piece of gear: it stunningly fights au pair on podium vs. Luxman AT-3000, slightly more rounded, smooth and forgiving and vs. Silver Rock's harmonically so rich and natural character.

The Fidelity Research's is embarrassingly good and i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-y quick and three-dimensional and detailing like anyone else - i.e. on Arvo Pärt's Alina on ECM, on track 4 the ambulance siren is so audible you can follow for loooong seconds, while on AT-3000 you barely hear it... same for other noises, like the airplane you can hear at the end of the piece... to do not quote the musician's breathing and snorting or the piano felts mute on strings!

A cutie... yet, such a wolf in a sheep skin.

A winner!

... but back to Gomez;-)... I suggest everyone into... good music to dig this humble, little disk.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

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