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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Jean Hiraga's new reviewing effort...

I recently got this email from M. Jean Hiraga:

Hello Stefano,

How are you ?

You know probably french audio magazine Vumetre in which editing staff come partly from NRDS and Stereo Prestige.

On last issue N°5, may june 2016,  there is an article titled " "Secrets of Musicality in Audio".  In the past, we had only few days for writing a paper in L'Audiophile or in NRDS magazine. For this one, I had to spend more than six months to write it, to find in my precious archives collected from the 70's related details.

Vumetre editor staff informed me today that this issue has a great success and that only few copies are available now, just few days after his launching few days ago. I have just one copy for me. You can buy one copy at : 

Best regards,

Jean  Hiraga

I suggest everyone in the mood or having the right amount of curiosity for the always enriching Hiraga's essays to take the chance and order nr. 5 issue of Vumetre magazine, while supplies last.

You won't regret.

Thanking Jean Hiraga for consideration and for his wisdom and absolute passion about everything music and audio.

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