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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Right of Imperfection...

... in music, in life, in love... so human.

Some extracts:

"Faust was never about being professional or expert musicians" says Jean-Hervé Péron. "If it was worthwhile material it didn't seem to matter that it was captured on a little cassette deck or through a busted microphone: the imperfections created by marginal gear and equipment as well as the very character of the recording devices themselves became as integral an element of each piece as any instrument".


"When a record skips or pops or we hear the surface noise, we try very hard to make an abstraction of it so it doesn't disrupt the musical flow, I try to make people aware of these imperfections, and accept them as music. The recording is a sort of illusion, the scratch on the record is more real.".Christian Marclay. 

- See more at:

C. Marclay's scratches as art no-cover disc...

Thanks for this enlightening review by Cindy Stern... concepts so well expressed which let me feeling as part of something.

The links and full-post should be read with Philip Jeck's Coda I as a soundtrack.

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