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Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1st, 1965/April 1st, 2016 - Linus (the italian comix magazine) 51st birthday!

I've been a loyal reader and collector of this amazing italian magazine for several decades... today, excatly 51 years ago, was issued in the newstands the # 1.

I still remember, in late sixties, when I went to my local newspapers kiosk and asked with a pretty good, Oxford-ish pronunciation: "Morning madam, do you have the January issue of Linus (I said Lainas, of course)".

After asking to me a couple of timeS "what" I was looking for, she finally got it and corrected me: "You silly boy, Linus (she pronounced L.i.n.u.s.) you'd better ask for LInus... no! LInus will arrive tomorrow or after-tomorrow".

I thanked her and for some weeks I felt guilty and shy enough to pronounce English words as they were written, to my teacher great concern... 'til I told her about the above mishappen;-)))

After laughing and laughing, I felt sooooo much better when I was confirmed that "Lainas" was pretty correct-)

The magazine sported Charlie Brown & Co. and Crepax' Valentina and.. Wolinsky's Paulette... in my turgid teens, the two latter where great ispiration and pleasure;-)

... and Wutki and OdB's reviews...

Happy birthday, "Lainas"!

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