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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spring Yard Sale - Westrex, Marantz, Tannoy Gold, Tannoy Red, etc.

After recently posting the sale of Ohm F omni-speakers pair, a trusty and loyal friend of mine, is going to sell more of his carefully chosen and lovingly kept nuggets.

Will post hi-rez pixies, soon...

Interested parties: please contact yours truly at stefanocello<at>gmail<dot>com for further instructions re. payment, crating, shipping, etc.

For the moment, here is a preview list, just to make you mouth-watering;-)

- Hiraga/Le Monstre original kit 4-chassis 8W Class A, ready for automotive battery feeding;
- Rappaport J-fet preamp 117V - the real one!
- single Quad II with Mullard tubes
- Ohm F omni-speakers (yes, still for sale)
- Scott 350 tuner 117V
- Philips 800 ohm wide-band
- Tannoy HPD rubber surround 10"
- Tannoy Gold 10" paper surround - gorgeous
- Tannoy Red 15" with crossover - gorgeous
- 15 x NOS/NIB Mullard EL38
- 2 x STCC 6V6G '30s
- Wadia 2000 4-chassis digital converter
- Dynavector DV6A Silver MC step-up
- Fidelity Research XF-1 Low MC step-up
- 1972 Fender Pro Reverb amp (USA), perfect!


... and some of my own cherry-picked goodies for sale, as well: also downsizing my stable, but... not for cheap;-)

- Marantz 10B 117V with cabinet
- Marantz 7C 220V with cabinet
- TacT RCS 2.2 XP Silver 220V NIB
- Garrard 301 grey hammertone/silver platter (with early grease-shaped oil bearing) in 35 kilos birch plinth, silver automotive painting, ready for 12" arm
- Radford HD-250 integrated amp
- Westrex 15" 2080 pair - gorgeous, extremely rare
- Ortofon RMG 309i NOS/NIB, with original Blue 8N TSW1000 cable

Stay tuned for pixies... prices are EXTREMELY interesting!

Upon request, a minimum, given price-tag will be stated, but O.N.O. or O.B.O. will be evaluated; by end of March the auction will end.

First come, first served.

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