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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

John Fahey forever!

I've been - and still I am after more than 40 years - a John Fahey scholar and lover... his music changed my life, I dare saying without shame...

After decades of enjoying and digging his countless discs, reading his dadaist prose and the like, in 2014 I bought Claudio Guerrieri's JF Handbook Vol. 1.

I was stoned by Claudio's so in-deep dissecting of Fahey's opus... down to the tiniest detail in cover, crossed references to race-records, episcopal hymns, poetry and assorted literature.

A read which doesn't end with reading the last page of the bulky, thick book, but continues for years of re-re-reading pleasure.

Few days ago, I learned that Vol 2 was published and... voilà... I got it.

Dr. Claudio Guerrieri made it, again!

The book is always a thick, juicy volume, to par with Vol. 1, full of cool stories and pixies and a detailed, complete gigography of the Man and... and... and...

I'm reading, untired since the book arrived... this reading propelled a new interest in re-listening to some records in my almost complete Fahey's discography and... what a Genius he was, folks!

Thanking Dr. Claudio Guerrieri for this true statement and the effort in researching... no artist ever got such an in-deep treatment and comments about his art, not Bob Dylan or other seminal artists.

The books aren't cheap, but they're worth every bucks... so grab them: they're an investment, as well.

P.S. - a new, revised version of Vol.1 is available... maybe worth buying this, now...

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