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Monday, January 25, 2016

Site of the Day - Oleg Rullit's PhotoBucket portfolio

Oleg is a personal fave of mine: his good taste and knowledge about paper cones and field-coils are a well kept secret... old world technologies... better, artisanal skills and workmanship.

Paper cones aren't really and only paper: it's a mix of rabbit-fur and other fibers, depending on wanted stiffness and size of the speakers.

I always fondly think about those Japanese paper masters when looking at Mr. Rullit's beauties... paper looks so organic and right in color and texture.

Oleg's creations are - reportedly from people I know who listened and owned the VERY best, cost-no-object - among THE VERY best sounding speakers on the planet.

Take your chance and browse this nice portfolio... I plan to meet him, soon and at last.

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