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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

R.I.P. Dept. - Harry Pearson passed away yesterday, Nov. 4th, 2014

A lesser, LESSER world it is, folks…

The Passing of a Legend


January 5, 1937 - November 4, 2014

It is with a heavy heart that we must share with you the sad news of the passing of a legendary man.
Last night, the evening of November 4th, Harry Hall Pearson Jr. passed away peacefully in his home in Sea Cliff, NY, at the age of 77.
Harry will be missed by those of us who loved him as a mentor, a friend, and as the standard-bearer for our mutual pursuits in the world of audio.
His legend will live on and echo throughout the audio industry, for Harry’s was the “Gold Standard” of audio journalism. His deep love of music, and the goal of realistic reproduction in the home, became the adopted enthusiasm for hundreds of thousands of audiophiles around the globe. His lexicon of audio vocabulary became the very patois with which audiophiles communicated amongst each other, especially audiophile journalists.
Harry’s contributions to the audio world are both measureless and timeless.
Thank you, Maestro, for everything.
Memorial services are being planned, and we will share that information with you once it becomes available.

He taught to me and thousands audiophiles around the world about recordings quality and his TAS' magazine changed the world of audio and music lovers.

I'm deeply, sincerely concerned and sad for Harry's passing away…

Really sad…

Thanks a lot, dear HP… you'll be always remembered.

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