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Friday, November 14, 2014

Capt. Nemo's microphone - Didrik de Geer copper C12 condenser studio microphone

A sought-after, hand-made microphone built in Sweden in only an handful of samplers… a new classic, expensive (15K USD) like a vintage AKG C-24 in pristine conditions, but available for loan in UK.


The artisan behind this beauty also builds premium mic-preamps which I greatly appreciated in a Bis label disk by Jakob Lindberg and his chitarrone (large theorbo) playing Kapsberger's always superb compositions.

The sound is so liquid and light and airy… and right.

I'm investigating about "which" recordings used the mike, as well… for now, I found one and I'm enjoying immensely this great disk whose quality is apparent also through our shitty laptop speakers…

Enjoy the complimentary tracks on the above links.

… more to come…

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