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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Song of the Day - Else Torp & Christopher Bowers-Broadbent - My Heart's in the Highlands (written by Arvo Part)

An amazing, circular, haunting superbly eerie, loop-like song heavenly performed by a soprano and organ...

Italian film-director Paolo Sorrentino used it as part of OST on his "The Great Beauty",  the  movie which recently won the Oscar Award as Best Foreign Movie...

Toni Servillo's character, a dandy moving in decadent Rome's high society walks along Tevere river, early morning and this very song captures the attention and put mind and soul in a dream-like mode to fully appreciate the whole movie.

Amazing the power of such a piece of music... but maestro Part is a master of apparently simple melodies and sound clusters.

Find this and taste and enjoy on YouTube or in complete Arvo Part's 'Creator Spiritus"... but best sipped watching at the above mentioned movie.

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