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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dieter Rams' Quads - the Braun LE-1

Braun's amp, tuner, and LE-1 speaker,  made in West-Germany, under QUAD's blessing.

Superb electrstatic LE-1 speaker and stand... notice the unconnected mains plug... soooo cute... the Quad ESL 57 in German sauce...

A young woman demonstrates a new type of loudspeaker, right, shown at the German Radio Exhibition in Frankfurt, West Germany, Aug. 14, 1959. The loudspeaker works on the basis of metal foils oscillating between electrodes. Makers say the tone range is much wider than that of the usual membrane loudspeaker. At left, radio and record player units feed the loudspeaker. The makers is Firma Max Braun. (AP Photo/Walter Lindlar).

Sought after and cool...

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