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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Garrardzilla - old & new/new & old

After swapping months ago from Schick arm to The Peak, I had an heavy laziness attack... I listened to my audio system swapping from open-reel to disk to vinyl... but, when listening to vinyl on Garrardzilla, I missed to use the TTWeight peripheral-ring.

The ceremony involved - i.e. carefully centering the stainless-steel ring on disc rim while spinning and then lightly, feather-like removing the plastic centering disc, then, finally putting the clamp in place... well, I sort-of felt annoyed and didn't use it.

Some dust get deposited on the shelf stored, unused in months accessory and this evening I noticed and got the plum to use it, again...

Undusted the two parts, ring and centering-disc and... listened to the now complete Garrardzilla...

I almost fell from my listening chair!

The sound was so true and perfect... how, HOW I had laziness winning on quality and beauty?!?

The noise floor was even lower, dynamics improved, and also on amazingly complex recording, like Paul Giger/Jan Garbareck/Pierre Favre's "Alpstein" on ECM, so rich in textures, the sound flowed effortless and liquid, natural... perfect.

Listened to P.J. Harvey's "White Chalk" gorgeous 45 rpm John Dent's mastered Island masterpiece and, again... surprise-surprise... The Peak and Lumiere DST on Garrardzilla were singing soooooooooooooooo nicely: Polly's voice was so airy, ethereal and angel-like.


I recently experienced this...  almost silly... using a-new something I already owned and didn't use for some time... the AMAZING Silflex' Toslink DAC-to-transport cable from Lifatec and, now, the TTWeight...

It doesn't happen so often, but... shame on me... I guess I'll do not change anything for a veeery loooong time.

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