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Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Robbie Basho's concert leaflet

My friend Michele found this one-of-a-kind cover of a long forgotten vinyl disc by Robbie Basho, "Venus in Cancer" on Blue Thumb label which Robbie himself shipped to Italy in early '80s.

He apparently hated the original art-cover and made this cover alteration when selling the disc at his concerts or by mail!

It's a seldom seen drawing of a peacock and cherry tree in a nice, straight and elegant Japanese style.


Thanks to Michele Bollini for sharing...

1 comment:

spacedarkstar said...

I am glad you share this. Robbie was and are such an inspiration. "Roses and gold", maybe his best album. The 70s was an exiting time for music and arts in Berkely and San Francisco. You know "there is a road and no simple highway" Cheers......