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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Late Christmas 2013 disc - Mina and Christmas Songbook, with Walt Disney's little help

A gorgeous limited edition vinyl, actually a red wax... Danilo Rea's piano with top sessionmen like Massimo Moriconi on double-bass and Alfredo Golino on drums... Mina's always superb voice is nicely captured live-in-studio with the musicians and the result, well... is breathtaking... an instant classic, also good for more and more Christmas to come.

Also greatly supporting the project are master penciller extraordinaire Giorgio Cavazzano's drawings and... Mina's  personal Neumann U-47i Fet microphone, so smooth and musical, well serving the singer's voice.

... Mina and Neumann U-47i Fet

Try to get your copy, folks... it's much worth it...

Thanking my friend Lo for suggesting this and for Neumann's details.

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