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Monday, December 16, 2013

From Neil Young Archives - Live at The Cellar Door, Washington D.C. Nov./Dec. 1970 on 200 grams vinyl


Just made it available in the shops...

Neil (forever) Young will never stop surprising the world!

Less involving and dramatically pleasant (...) than the double-disc "Live at Massey Hall",  this live recording sports a coldish audience and a more silent Neil, possibly less involved, as well, from audience feedback...

This disc has its merits, anyway... the guitar is someway "compressed", but with a lot of overtones... maybe it's a D-45 instead of a D-18... this alone would explain the richness and "body" and "ooomph"...

The piano... well, the piano is the highlight of the disc... on last track on side 2, Neil plays the strings, strumming and banging around the instrument, talking about Steinways and dope, in herbal form.

Being in Washington... this "yeaaahhh" coming from the audience says something... well, as THE POPE PEES, Govnmt chaps smokes, don't you:-)))?!?!

It's a really seldom heard Neil Young... only during this soooo strange track - more akin to LaMonte Young than Neil Young:-))) - the audience reacts and enjoy loudly, laughing and whistling.

Recording is a nice one, so analog... thanking the cool remastering by Bernie Grundman.

A must.

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