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Sunday, December 29, 2013

(Don't) Buy it Dept. - Colores del Sur - Enrike Solinis & Euskal Barrokensemble (Glossa 2013)

... no, definitely it's NOT everything beautiful and amazing and awesome and...

Bought this and I found it to be a mess: musically I never, ever listened to Kapsberger performed like a pop arrangement (...) strongly reminding some Flamenco stuff and theorbo (and renaissance guitar and laute) with a string tension which only at the very beginning of ancient music praxis Julian Bream used...

It's like decades of care in original instruments building and the way of playing them get trashed!

Such a recoding, made in a studio, sounds coldish and anechoic and musicians, very clever, indeed, aren't able to express anything but some (ordinate) noise.

Nuff said!

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