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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Art Ensemble of Chicago - Urban Bushmen (ECM 1211/12 - 1982 - 2 LPS)

It's a beloved group of mine since early '80s... own several discs, all cherished and listened quite often...

For some obscure reason I never bought this double record-set and only recently I Ebayed and got it...   in Germany, for little money and in perfect conditions... ahem... Top zutstand;-)

Wasn't prepared, pals... it's a full AEOC's concert recorded by Martin Wieland at Amerika Haus in Munchen... four sides of incredibly mystic music, with ancient echoes of Africa and jazz, ethnic, savannah and concrete buildings hintings... urban as per the title, but with a timeless attention to the beauty of the sky, fondly remembering Nature's sounds, animals, the wind and the sea... Mama Africa.

It's a TRULY incredible recording, as well... the brass, assorted percussions, bells, large gongs, shimmering cymbals and large drums are caught in ALL their glory and the audience coughing and hand-clapping is nicely, yet politely "there".

Please, make you a favor... buy this disc before some lunatic goes and increase prices... it's Super Disc quality and music for body and soul, hitting some seldom plucked inner string.

I'm digging and grooving - tireless - on AEOC's so impressive discography and timeless music.

My Disc of the Month... and sounding 100% brand new for yours truly and every goodwill music lover also if recorded in 1980.

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