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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Disk (1) - Ginastera & Isabelle Moretti (harp) - David Robertson conducting (Naive 2000)

Found this AMAZING disk at a local flea-market... unbelievable as I paid 1 (one) Euro for this fantastic CD from a lady who was selling her very cherry-picked disks collection as she was leaving Italy to reach Thailand...

A musician, she was tired of italian politics and politicians... how could I blame her?

Chapeau to her so brave choice... while I wished her the VERY best for her new life, when I reached my tiny studio, turned on Gotorama and put the Ginastera's disk in the Studer A730 and...

I already was well aware of Naive good taste in recording, yet this disc was... IS so out of the normality!!!

Dynamics is explosive, strings and brass and percussions ALL are so naturally captured and presented... mind-boggling, simply mind boggling.

Recorded with the best digital gears and DPA 4006 and Sanken CU-44X large-diaphragm (for harp) mikes in a naturally sounding environment, well...

... I suggest you to try this disk, folks... Amazon, Naive's site, your local shop or Ebay... whatever... BUT buy this disk... do you a favour.

Talking about sound quality and music... Ginastera's is reminding to me Malcolm Arnold and those great classic Lyrita's from eons ago TAS' hintings.

No, not feeling myself a new Harry Pearson:-P...

I only, humbly can hear!


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