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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Disk (2) - KOSMA - New Aspects (INFRACom! 2005)

... always at the same flea-market, same day (today:-))) and seller (the lady escaping to Thailand), found a disk box-set which attracted my attention.

I never, ever listened to KOSMA or heard about Roskow Kretschmann, a Russian musician, sampler and DJ living and producing in Berlin.

This disk sports a cool thick canvas-like, carton jewel box a nice cover drawing bt Katja Klein and some postcards accompanying the disk, a' la Hector Zazou...

Some lo-fi pixes taken in Berlin, where the disk was recorded and mastered in 2005.

When I put it in the Studer... I almost fell from my Eames'!

Loooooooooow end is soooooooooo impressive, subterranean bass... sampling is surprising, interesting, rich in textures and electro-acoustic sounds: "Kioku Kouka" the first track is a building shaking piece of music... "Augenblicke" is an already heard Satie-like piece for prepared piano, yet so brand-new sounding.


All the disk is of superb quality, music- and sound-wise.

A very intriguing find, indeed.

I Goggled for more infos...  not found that much, but enough to support anyone interested on the matter.

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