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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Phil Burns & Tony Harris' Classic UK Recording Studios in the 60s, 70s, and 80s

Found this gem while browsing for infos about the late, great Nic Kinsey and his Livingston Studios in High Barnet, London...

It's an absolute nugget of a site, so full of infos, tales, gossip and trivia...

I spent hours opening all these soooo evocative links... Trident, Sound Techniques, KPM, Decca, Abbey Road, Advision, Manor, Command Studios and more and more... a true compendium!

My memory goes to my beloved discs and their liner notes... a studio it's not ONLY a place full of gears with hairy people smoking one fag after the other, wearing black tees...

It's where "everything" happened, meaning where our music which shaped our time, was recorded and made immortal and timeless... where the best young minds spent countless hours producing and creating... shaping our time soundscape(s).

The house... better, the home of music, no less than, say, Kingsway Hall or Concertgebouw or Carnegie Hall or Wien's Musikverein Salle for classical, absolutely no less than the a.m. in their nobleness.

Browse this super site, hop and down, left to right and viceversa... for every studio you'll find an impressive, quite complete and exhaustive list of recordings made in this or that studio... WOW!!!

Another plus? Nick Drake recording habits at Sound Techniques with Joe Boyd producing and John Wood at the knobs, at midnight of forty years ago... a time machine-like short essay.

My deepest thanks to Phil and Tony for the SUPERB job, the true labour of love they made, to preserve such a great heritage...

History... without wars.

I LOVE this site!

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