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Friday, November 29, 2013

Lost & Found Dept. - Robbie Basho - two hand-written tablature

Thanking Maurizio Angeletti and his seminal "American Guitar", a book which, eons ago, changed my own and several others musical lives.

Also thanking my best friend Loris Crivellaro for the GREAT Epson Scan's job, a labour of love he made scanning and updating and improving the quality of the two Robbie's tabs from the loooow quality prints available... apparently, Robbie used some lined exercise book pages for these tabs!

Hoping these scans will be added to the new Kyle Fosburgh's Robbie Basho-dedicated site or to the other, older superb site by Stefan Junghans-Basho and shared and enjoyed, in Robbie's sharing spirit.

BTW... I also found something I guessed lost... a full radio concert, recorded in Germany during the European short tour Robbie made in early '80s, in the same days which saw our (humble) hero playing in Bonn (thus the Bo Weavil's disk issued not so long time ago, after decades in a closet) and in Italy in Brescia, Rome and... Fiera di Primiero.

Last but not least, I noticed, after scanning and posting the Maurizio Angeletti's book cover, something I didn't previously recognized: the pix of the Bacon & Day "Señorita" gorgeous sunburst acoustic guitar - the same the late John Fahey played for years  - was taken by Maurizio's girlfriend, Elena Rota, in NYC at Matt Umanov cool shop... behind this guitar there is a sealed copy of Blue Goose's Alan Seidler ragtime/vaudeville disc,  a disc I searched for decades and found, also sealed, only few months ago, at a flea market, for peanuts;-)))

You know I'm a lunatic.

Stay tuned;-)


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