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Sunday, September 1, 2013

"The Peak" 12 inches arm is singing!

WOW... and doing so with purest of voices!

The recipe is so easy:-)... extra-heavy, extra-long pillar - like Neumann's studio arm wisely used to do - stainless steel housing to give balance and authority to sound and premium bearings (all ABEC 7, Made in Japan) for liquidness of movement on vertical and lateral axis and 16 inches-long alumium arm-wand for harshness-free, smooth and natural sound.

"The Peak" 12 inches  arm on Fidelity Research B-60 VTA-mount and bronze arm-base, with Lumiere DST, TTWeight peripheral-ring and Garrardzilla.

Cabling is pure, hand-twisted vintage Litz from cartridge female receptacle to Eichmann's tellurium-copper RCAs to MC-transformer/preamplifier... an integralist choice, but - as I realized these days - THE only way to really preserve the so fragile, delicate, tiny phono signal.

Indeed... yet without forgetting mass-adding...

On the pixes, you see a (temporary) spare O-Ringed bronze rear arm-weight I made some years ago for my beloved Schick's arm,  following Joseph Esmilla's wisdom... in few days I'll have ready a bespoke Panzerholz's weight for my 'The Peak'... but already thinking about a 'The Teak Peak"':-)

The sound with Lumiere DST is - plainly said - THE VERY BEST I ever experienced in my system from analog gears, period.

Will also wait with interest for James Grant's Siggwan's arrival from New Zealand, in the next months...

For the moment, YES, I've to push myself to turn off my Garradzilla and music system... I risk to spend in my studio hours and hours and hours... just to check - again and again - this and that disc... if it's true and real what I'm hearing, in awe!

I'm in love, folks... at the (very) peak of my love for music.

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sluket said...

Wow... good to see the "Garrardzilla" up and playing in all its glory! Nice arm too.