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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Karl Hyde - Edgeland

A gorgeous 45 RPM double vinyl disc, the first solo album by Underworld's vocalist I recently found at Ivan's.

It was blinking to me from a shelf with its gimmicks cover, suddenly.

Karl is Third Millenium Thomas Dolby, some Bjork and, at a distance, some King Crimson with Greg Lake... all this GREATLY supported and magnified by a truly AMAZING, AWESOME recording and pressing: I shot the four sides under The Peak arm with Lumiere DST and... WOW, cannot sincerely think of a better sound.

A nice, NICE find, something which only happens in real world... at your trusty local records shop, as... also if the disc blinked in its gorgeously elegant, cool cover, Ivan - asked about the disc content - friendly and righteously simply said: "Yes, it's something you'll like."

... and Ivan is very seldom wrong.

Nuff said.

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