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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ivy League Charity Naked Yoga...

... only for charity (sic!), or the best way to reach an higher respect for human body and the "other" sex?

Whenever I go naked, swimming or walking, while in Formentera or Stromboli's islands, I feel SO fine that it's almost painful being at the seaside in other places/beaches with swimming shorties, again!

That's what was said in the USA on the matter:

“It’s been incredible to learn that being naked is just fun!" Pacheco-Fores told the Daily Herald in September 2012. "Penises, vaginas, boobs, butts -- body parts that used to make me feel awkward and uncomfortable before now I just see as another part of another beautiful body."
Organizers told HuffPost in an email that last year's attendees were "extremely respectful, and we haven't had to worry much about our fellow students acting immature at these events."

Yes, folks... it's life school, it's not men peeping girls or viceversa, a machist approach, but affirming the "holy beauty" in ALL bodies, in Creation... it's learning from scratch, blaming over Church(es) dogmas of shyness and fear of sex, and enjoying life, sometimes naked - i.e. more sincere and unmasked... unfearful of the other sex... this newly reached confidence would avoid rapes and all related and a Renassance of better relationship between Men and Women! 


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