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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Zaxcom Deva V 10 Track Hard Disk Recorder and Nicolas Bartholomee

An awesome recorder... the choice of - among others - Nicolas Bartholomee and his Musica Numeris... I love his recording good taste and ear!

... mmmhhhh, I'm seriously thinking to sell my Telefunken M15A and Studer B-67 or Nagra IV-S and QGB and swap for one of these beasts.

After enjoying soooo much dozens of Nicolas' recordings on Alia Vox, Cypress, Naive and Alpha, my ears tell me it would (maybe) be a non-romantic choice, vintage and collecing-wise... BUT such a good stroke, recording and musically-wise!

Saaaantaaa Klaaaauuus?!?!

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