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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tutto qua

Thanking my best pal Lo, I discovered a disk by Fabio Concato titled "Tutto Qua"... Fabio Concato is a long time hero of mine since "Una domenica bestiale", a hit of some decades ago.

Yet, I didn't followed him and his music for a while, but this very disc is marvellous, awesome, one-of-a-kind, special, incredibly beautiful...

Lo brought the disk with him when we met some days ago for some music listening at my studio... I'm sort-of disaffectioned by italian "melodic" songwriters... you know:-), I'm more cerebral, cool, intellectual, these days...

How wrong I am, folks... sometimes!

Music is music and best music is best music... lapalissian, yet true... this means that if you like something it's because it's a beauty!

Concato's last disk is superb: the songs, arrangements, session-men and texts are soooo nice...

Like Lo told me "I listened to this disc many times, also two, three times in a row"... how right he was: this afternoon it happened again and - yes - I took a fix of "Tutto Qua"... a double dose.

I could talk about this or that song... maybe "Carlo che sorride" dedicated to a musician friend who passed away or "Se non fosse per la musica" with Stefano Bollani and his great, liquid piano playing... or... "Un trenino nel petto"... but I love them all!

Buy it, instead of reading these empty lines... Fabio Concato's music if so full, mature and nice and empathic...

I enjoyed it a lot and will enjoy it in the future, I'm pretty sure.

Available in autographed vinyl, limited edition of 300 copies and disc, with a free download of five acoustic, unplugged  tracks.

... forgot to say: recording is REALLY top, TOP class, pals...

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