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Friday, August 16, 2013

FWS' "Leonardo" spruce tonewood from Ciresa - from Paneveggio/Val di Fiemme (Italy)

From one of the VERY best piano/harpsichord soundboard makers from Italy, here is a nice, new - yet not unique or the first, ever - attempt to make spruce tonewood board sounding as a speaker... a mix between an instrument and a speaker, actually...

I like the shape, truly reminding some Leonardo Da Vinci's creation... I DON'T like that much the offer (apparently) DOES also (mandatorily) include an amp and a 100W (...) sub-woofer... but who am I, etc. etc.:-)))

The transducer?

... not sure and not shown on FWS/Ciresa's site, but maybe using a contact speaker: frequency range is 140-15.000 hz...

Will have an audition, soon and will report on the matter.


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