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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Audio tourism - Jan and Knut from Norway

After wine, food, fishing, sexual (to blame!), hunting and diving tourism and travelling... audio-tasting and tourism is a reality!

Two more friends visited my humble studietto and Gotorama: Jan and Knut from Oslo, Norway... the Audio Vikings:-)

Again, as it happened with Jean Hiraga-san, only few weeks ago, we had some pleasant town sightseeing, food, wine and... yes, a lot of chatting... so listening to my system(s) were postponed, beginning at midnight or so.

The night was so silent and we enjoyed some Tim Buckley's gorgeous live at Royal Albert Hall in London (1968), some jazz trio (Joe Pass, Ray Brown, Andre Previn) and ECM and vocals (The King's Singers)...

Knut took one hundred pixes of the system and Goto's, etc.

Our sharing experiences and opinions ended at 3,15 A.M., near the little, nice hotel up-hill where the Norwegians friends finished a VERY long, tiring, yet cool day.

I loved this gathering... my deepest thanks to Jan for empathy and friendship and to Knut for his kindness and for sweating a lot around my gears and audio system with his digital camera.


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sluket said...

What a fabulous night it was, Stefano! Your very Italian hospitality knows no boundaries, and it is so nice to meet such hardcore enthusiasts like yourself. And the sound was pretty amazing too, exactly what we have come to expect from such well-engineered installations reflecting the knowledge and skills of a seasoned music lover. Thanks again and see you soon!