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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A great Goto Unit deal from Fukuoka, Southern Japan... what a bargain!

An impressive deal, folks... as found on Yahoo Auctions - Japan... the auction is still going on, and ending soon.

Unfortunately, not an easy task shipping these goodies... Goto Unit SG 570, SG 379DX and SG 160, with S600 and S200 horns... Y 1.060.000, incl. all wooden boxes and all in pristine conditions!!!

Only caveat?  The seller instead of using the usual black bitumen, light & effective anti-vibrations/resonances material, decided going hot rod and... both horns pairs are using... concrete... CONCRETE, yes, as a vibes taming material...

The shipping weight is more than 250 kilos... but, WOW, the price-tag for the combo is REALLY a good one!

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