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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Time Capsule Audio - Cunningham CX-310 triodes from the Roaring Thirties

I always found sooo sublimely intriguing and romantic thinking about a fragile tube which survived wars and riots and revolutions, floods, earthquakes, storms and hurricanes, several shippings, thieves and everything in-between...

I recently found one pair of N.O.S./N.I.B. Cunningham CX-310 from early '30s with their nice old-timey original boxes: the grandaddy of all 801A/10Y triodes family in a cool, classy "globe" glass envelope.

These will nicely and smoothly work in Thomas Mayer's 801A line stage pre-amp... they measures very similar, so, let's only hope for good microphonic rejection!

It's weird to say, but, IMO, it's like finding a four-leaves clover in a crowdy highway undertaking-lane... while driving;-)))

Thanking Brendan Biever and his always supporting tubes warehouse and good taste.

... cannot stop thinking that "this" was rocking and dancing, in "those" days...


VinylSavor said...

Febroady streetsHi Stefano!

Congratulations. Nice score on these tubes.
I actually prefer these sound wise and have not found too many issues with microphonics. It is increasingly difficult to find globe UX210s. The biggest danger to them is breaking of the filaments during shipping.


twogoodears said...

Thanks a lot, Thomas... yes, I remember your warning on this... keeping my fingers crossed!
P.S. - hopefully seeing you in Munchen;-)