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Friday, April 19, 2013

Robert Crumb or... who else better than him to know ups and downs of the vinyl records collector

Always loved him... from his comics (Fritz the Cat!!!) to Cheap Suit Serenaders' discs (I own them all, incl. the rare 78 rpm) I cherish in my collection.

Look at this extremely interesting interview... also if he's a 78 rpm freak, collecting dynamics are the same... down to... dreaming about a record!

An extract from the interview: "I spend some time listening to records almost every day when I’m at home, and I spend time just pawing through the collection, just looking at what I have.  Sometimes I’ll pull a record off the shelf and just marvel at it, that it exists and that I own it.  Again, it’s a sickness. It’s embarrassing to admit openly to such behavior, like talking about masturbation or something.  Sometimes I have to listen to records in the endeavor to purge and make room for new acquisitions, since I’ve run out of room to put new additions to the collection on the shelves.  I have to get rid of something before I can put the new ones in.  This involves tough decisions.  My natural impulse is to save everything, don’t wanna get rid of anything.  If I had endless shelf space, I guess I’d have ten times as many records.  Purging, however, is good for the soul and just makes the collection better, more intense.  Borderline items must be eliminated, moved out, sold if possible."

He knows!

Thanking LencoHeaven's pals for suggesting this...

DEEPEST thanks and appreciation go to Robert Crumb for... being Robert Crumb.

... and to Discaholic Corner's folks... superb site, indeed!

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