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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Joe Boyd presents: "Way to Blue - The Songs of Nick Drake" - out Mon. 15th April, 2013

... so far, far away from being like someone - i.e. Joe Boyd or al. - milking a cow (Nick's memory) to death, Way to Blue was... IS an amazing flower blossoming and blossoming again, from Australia to USA to UK and Mainland Europe... the most different musicians paid and are still paying their kudos to the art and songs of the late, yet soooo vastly and fondly remembered Nick Drake.

Here is a 90 minutes concert held in London...  also covered by BBC Four, and it's a masterpiece.

It's keeping the flame burning, it's living music as only truly unique music can be...

Joe Boyd knew and produced and cocooned Nick in his Island days... so, who better than him!

It's classical music and the DNA of my musical world.

The disk quoted in the title will be out soon and worth adding to any (classy) collection.


P.S. - looking for the ultimate fondness and attention to Nick's voice and guitar playing? Dig here... Plectrum34... aehm, Leon is a  SUPERB musician: not simply copy-catting... Nick's soul speaks through his voice and playing!


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