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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Insound Choice - Wooden amp for iPod

Cool, mains-less "amp", using natural wood resonating properties...

Yesterday was Earth Day and coincidentally, I watched an extremely frightening documentary about the environment over the weekend. You could actually say it’s not all that coincidental since I watch/read/intake information that frightens me and gives me no hope for the future on the reg, but hey – I digress! This particular documentary focused on the oil crisis and how in about 40-50 years, there will be no oil. If this doc is to be believed, unless we can come up with some viable alternatives, we can say goodbye to car travel, air travel…MAYBE EVEN ONLINE RETAIL – NO SHIPPING! Society as we know it will crumble to the ground and I’ll be riding a horse to work at an artisanal accordion stand in McCarren Farm.

I know that no speakers (at least none that I know of) run on oil, but I’m sure oil is used somewhere in the manufacturing process. Honestly, oil is probably even used in the manufacturing process of these beautiful wood “speakers” (power tools, y’all), but let’s focus on the positive. Once the Koostik Original is handcrafted, there’s no need to plug them in or recharge them or stick batteries in them – they use the natural acoustics of the wood to amplify your favorite jams. I mean, YES, you will still have to charge your phone in order to play the music in the first place and YES, electricity isn’t oil, but a lot of electricity is generated from fossil fuels, so conserving energy in any form is a good thing that you should do.

In conclusion, according to my rock solid logic, by buying the Koostik Makore Original Speaker, you will be saving the planet. Case closed.

– Nicole Johnson
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