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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Elodis' Goto horns and drivers holder

My friend Franz Hinterlehner (of Elodis of Austria, the maker of my Gotorama speakers) just completed this AMAZING horns holder for a fellow Goto user, a customer from Far East.

... find it VERY amusing Franz always so humbly apologize about poor pixes quality:-)))

Hey, Franz... look at my Blog's iPhone pixes:-))))

Seriously, TRUE workmanship and materials SUPREME quality is pouring from ANY details of these amazing holders which - I trust and hope - will make the owner VERY satisfied.


Tony Bombera said...

Very nice work, Franz! I love the details of the precision aluminium work.

This horn stand does not seen to go on top of Elodis sub. What sub will be used below the S-200 horn?


twogoodears said...

Franz says:
Currently I make the fitting subs - 220 liter bassreflex-subs assembled with the SG38WN each - design (surface) similar to my small monitors. I think in a mounth or so I can show you the results.


Will keep posted the world:-)